Dan Hunjas

Dan is driven by performance and results in both his personal life, and in business. It always starts with Mission, Purpose and Values… knowing your why!
Married at First Sight Contestant - Dan Hunjas

Dan has been a driving force behind the digital marketing evolution in Australia and has assembled a team of the best digital marketing minds to deliver those results.

Dan Hunjas MAFS

About Dan Hunjas

Dan has over 20 years in the digital marketing space. There is nothing that he hasn’t seen or experienced first hand when it comes to digital. When Dan started out in Digital Marketing, there was no such thing as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok… Brands that we are all more than familiar with today. Google was still emerging and Yahoo was still the number one search engine in Australia. How times have changed.


What does Dan's day look like

Dan works on strategic planning to ensure that as a collective, his company is on track, hitting targets, producing results and leading the way in innovation in the digital marketing space. Dan is heavily involved in driving the strategic direction of his digital marketing company and continuing to nurture a strong culture that is inspiring, energetic and fun.

Dan continues to build a unique hub that inspires creativity, competitiveness, performance and leadership. Dan also works alongside Kerwin Rae and the K2 Elite Mastermind Community where he facilitates, mentors and supports business owners in the areas of Performance Psychology, Mindset, Business Planning and Marketing.
Dan on Mafs
Dan Hunjas Married at First Sight

What Dan gets up to outside of work

Or more the question… what doesn’t Dan get up to in his spare time! Dan is up well before the Sun most days of the week where he can be found on a beach walk taking in the sunrise and finding his place of flow. Once the sun has risen, it’s game on… it’s all about what adventure can be had today! That may be climbing a mountain, paddling a river or exploring a new location and the magic it has to offer.

A regular in the gym, Dan focusses a lot on his health and fitness.. A healthy body supports a healthy mind. And once the sun goes down, Dan can often be found at one of his favourite restaurant and bar locations on the Gold Coast, socialising and enjoying the company of his amazing friends and colleagues.